Friday, 3 June 2011

Fire fire!

The Safari was buoyed up by yesterdays unexpected sightings and a check through the old notebooks revealed we are 20 bird species up on the same time last year – how did that happen? But today is another day!
Patch 1 didn’t give us much; an agitated Chiffchaff and a bat box full l of baby Blue Tits, the parent came in to feed them and only just managed to squeeze through the slit at the bottom of the box...hope the youngsters aren’t so well fed they can’t get out when the time comes!
Patch 2 wasn’t much better...
We found a male Common Scoter not far out with a flock of about two dozen very distant going north and an Auk sp sped south.
Best sighting of the morning session was the flare-gas from an unseen rig beyond the horizon bright burning orange against the dark grey sky.
Lunchtime gave us a Grey Seal so close inshore we could see the water dripping off the ends of his whiskers. Way out on the horizon a small flock of Common Scoters went north while almost in the same place this morning’s male still hung about.
Two Gannets eased their way northwards almost at the horizon.
And not a lot else

Well that was yesterdays news, what will today hold?

No pics cos you had more than plenty in the last post.

Laters...the moth trap could well go out tonight!

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