Friday, 20 January 2012

A long way for any easy tick

The Safari headed out with three colleagues to attend a strategic countywide natural environment planning meeting this morning. A good way to spend an otherwise dreadfully dull and wet day.
Arriving at the car park of our venue a Grey Wagtail (95) flew over towards the pond in the school next door's extensive wildlife garden. Not a bad way to start the proceedings and get us in the right frame of mind for the forthcoming workshops!
The meeting itself was intense - some present described it as turbo charged brain storming - but it was great to see so many faces from the past, some we've not seen or at least only briefly for over 25 years!
Youngster AB came along as part of his work experience from college and was literally thrown in at the deep end of environmental strategy without even the life-jacket of someone he knew on his table...all extremely useful experience for him even though his poor brain is probably addled at the moment...ours is and we've been in the business since the end of the 70s!
And many thanks to LB for helping us write the last comments about inspiration on the 'graffiti board'.
No stargazing tonight - don't fancy staring up at the base of a rain sodden cloud in a cold wet windy and muddy field...maybe tomorrow night.
Where to next? Weekend so our excitement knows no bounds - first up is a trip to the Southside for two new tyres for the Land Rover, otherwise we'll be going nowhere fast!
In the meantime let us know what's addling the brain in your outback.

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Stephen Halliwell said...

Good to see you, too!

I went with the farmer at Maxy House Farm (see Cottam blog) Not sure if the day was particularly relevant, but we made a number of new contacts, and I'm sure we can use some of what we discussed in our plans for the farm.