Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Oh no not more wind AGAIN

The Safari endured a dire day...
Kittiwake (65)
Redshank (66)

Wall to wall howling gale and lashing rain...
Best three sightings were a) a 1st winter Kittiwake on the beach - unusual but there were a lot of other gulls working the tideline and shellfish wreck lines. If the wind keeps up like this all winter there wont be any shells left in the sea!!!
b) a Sanderling trying to have a scratch and being blown off its feet and then bowled ar*e over breakfast a few times before righting itself and looking around sheepishly to see if any of its mates had noticed.
c) Everybody's seen gulls on inland grass doing the 'Paddling Pete' thing with their feet to get worms to the surface but we've never seen/noticed it done on the beach before, two Herring Gulls were successfully catching what looked like Ragworms using the technique down on the tide line.
Where to next? If we don't get a Little Gull tomorrow we'll wonder what it is we're doing wrong. Some just up the coast this morning.
In the meantime let us know if the wind let up for at least a minute in your outback.
Sorry only mirror ball pics again...but you'll get the flavour of the day...

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Warren Baker said...

It's proving to be a difficult start to the year Davo :-) This weather has to calm down soon mate!