Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Solid wall of grey

The Safari heard two Song Thrushes on Patch 1 this morning along with a Blackbird which was more tuning up than singing properly. 39 Magpies were all that could be seem in the awful light although we had caused a little disturbance as we walked passed beneath them so there could have easily been a few more. No sign of the Peregrines today – round the back?
Patch 2 was a dingy grey wash out with the last remnant of beach being covered as we got to the wall flushing numerous mixed gulls, 52 Oystercatchers and a Knot. Visibility out to sea was reduced by the thick low cloud to about 500 yards. Consequently only a few Common Scoters were seen and those only in silhouetted shapes against the gentle swell – what might have been out there had we been able to see it???
By the time lunch came round and we were able to get out again conditions were worse – the drizzle was heavier but still not quite rain.
Now even the scoters had abandoned us, in our extremely restricted viewing area there was absolutely nothing to be seen
We consoled our woe at not finding any wildlife to look at by taking some arty shots of the conditions and the Mirror Ball...why?...Because it’s there! Blackpool’s answer to the Statue of Liberty as SP put it recently.

Where to next? Better weather but a still calm sea please...even calmer would do nicely if we could just have a bit of visibility as well...no chance of seeing the Northern Lights tonight :-(
In the meantime let us know if your outback’s local landmark has got lost in the mist


Warren Baker said...

Looks like the whole country got the grey gloom today Davo! At least you braved it, which is more than I did :-)

Stuart Price said...

That is the weather I remember from the UK.........

The only picture I ever took of it was on a sunny day. My wife was particularly impressed with it.........