Friday, 27 January 2012


The Safari has been overtaken by Monika in our, now annual, Year List Challenge ;-(  We had a quick look through last weeks sightings in the local area and discovered there where 23 species we've not seen this year, plus a couple of others we know are in the area but haven't been seen/reported and then there's the Glaucous Gulls on the South-side we were so close to but so far away from last weekend....Maybe we should get out more!
52 Magpies in Magpie Wood was as good as it got today on Patch 1 and Patch 2 at high tide was an over the wall wash out.
Managed to get some pics of the underside of the little fungus growing out of the Gorse stem in between rain storms this morning - lo and behold it has a little stalk and isn't a bracket as we thought.
Current thinking from iSpot is either Velvet Shank or Plums and Custard. Don't think it's the latter but our knowledge of fungi is minimal to say the least.
Where to next? Big x0th birthday party for a mate of ours tonight so will we be compos mentis enough to do the Big Garden Bird Count at Base Camp in the morning. Even if we don't manage that we're booked to help out with the same at the North Blackpool Pond Trail later in the morning.

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cliff said...

Excellent fungi photo Dave, what a terrific angle you've got that from.