Saturday, 7 January 2012

Deep purple

The Safari had a quick visit to Chat Alley for the high tide as the sun came over the houses this morning with the specific intention of having a look for the Purple Sandpiper that seems to be wintering in the area. When we got there we thought the tide might have been a bit too rough and the roosting waders flushed off to somewhere else.

We needn't have worried as the Purple Sandpiper (75 - we forgot to add Pink Footed Goose to our list to the year's tally has jumped by 1) was right at the front in the middle of the small flock. 

Also in there was a Knot (76), although the number in their thousands on the estuary they are not often seen along Chat Alley and we've never seen one in the roost before. Also unexpected was the Guillemot (77) the bounced off the top of an incoming wave and disappeared over the back of it never to be seen again.
After a few minutes were we joined by SD who was the original finder of the Purp and can be seen here trying to avoid getting a soaking. 

We sent a txt to CR who came along just as we had to go. He may well have got some better pics - check his website later. Late edit - It's up here
Then it was off for our radio interview, which if you missed it you can catch up with it here if you're desperate. While we were on air we spotted two Jackdaws (P2 No 26) on the green.
Where to next? Not sure yet but a local Safari is likely, possibly northwards over the river.
In the meantime let us know who's top of the pops in your outback.
Crikey - that was our 1000th post - thanks for sticking with us and reading all the rubbish wot we the next thousand and beyond...
Late Edit - on the way back from our radio interview there was a Goldcrest (78) calling in the street at Base Camp.


Warren Baker said...

year list bumping along nicely Davo, keep up the blogging!!

cliff said...

Thanks for the tip off re. this bird Dave, it's another 1st for me, that's 4 first sightings in about a week - yay! Shame the weather was so dull, but hopefully it'll hang around & if so I'll keep nipping back.

I heard some of your radio interview, you were talking about bacon butties when I switched on, I thought, yep, that's Dave. You came across very well in the bit I heard.