Friday, 20 July 2012

Gardening for moths

The Safari bought a shed load of plants today. A whole heap of bedding plants and some herbaceous perennials and a few shrubs for the gardens at work
We needed the able assistance of the Young Uns to help us and before the plants were delivered we asked them to do some weeding...something 'normal' kids in 'normal' gardens rarely relish. But in our wildlife friendly garden these young naturalists are keen to get stuck in cos they never know what they might come across - hidden moths being the usual reward for their labours. 
And today was no exception. Hardly a weed had been pulled before the first shout went up...Large Yellow Underwing...minutes later Yellow Shell was yelled out. A few more 'weeds' were pulled from around our recently planted Gorse hedge to allow more light to it when a Garden Carpet was expertly caressed on to a gloved hand.

Not bad cammo on a work glove
Before too long the plants arrived and our attentions turned from pulling to planting and so stopped the moth extravaganza. 
After the planting was done a little more pulling resulted in the shiniest bronziest little beetle you ever did see but which was too lively for the lens and this rather battered wave sp moth.
Yes it did fly off but only in a sort of downwards spiral.
Also on site today, but not working with us, was fellow blogger JA promoting the RSPB. We had a bit a chin wag at the end of day and trust she had a productive few hours here at the Solaris Centre.
Fortunately we did twig why she had brought a couple of tame Tigers but were totally unprepared for the Pufferins two small children showed us  later.
Where to next? The mothy will deffo be going on tonight - it's warm and muggy with little wind so we're hoping for a good haul when we open the trap tomorrow morning.
In the meantime let us know what's been battered and bruised in your outback.

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