Thursday, 12 July 2012

Great hobby this birding

The Safari has more to offer tomorrow mostly about yesterday's World Population Day.
Today a trip out of town to the dentist of all places gave us the opportunity to call in at the 'new' nature reserve with the floating visitor experience. We remember it while it was still a working quarry...still it's pretty good now and we never saw a Hobby there in the  old days? Did today and although a little distant was catching dragonflies at around tree top height all very agile and impressive. (178 (+16))
This scary looking thing took a liking to us...ab it too much of a liking for our liking...think it's a tachinid.

Wow just heard a snippet of Billy Cobham's Spectrum on the food programme on BBC2 - sweet

Where to next? Not sure but it looks like we won't be doing the butterfly walk on Sunday for serious family reasons.
In the meantime let us know what your hobby has produced in your outback

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