Sunday, 22 July 2012

Our letter is delivered

The Safari went back to the Butterfly Zone this arvo. I was far windier than yesterday but the sunshine was stronger and as soon as we arrived we saw a you know what on the Creeping Thistles.
Not earth shattering pics and nowhere near as good as last years but it was very nice to have the opportunity to get them even if we were prickled half to death for our art as a full stretch across the thistles and Brambles was need to get anywhere near the little mite.

Unfortunately it didn't stay long. We scouted around and lurked furtively in the bushes hoping it would come back but it didn't.
No Tree Bees today but we did see our first Gatekeeper of the year. 
And as we were thinking of leaving we spotted this little chap with gorgeous green eyes who is apparently a  Xyphosia miliaria - thanks to iSpot for the ID.

A short but sweet safari - White Letter Hairstreaks are always good value, as well as having the 'je ne sais quoi' rarity value they are pretty smart looking things too.
Where to next? Think we've got a group on the beach tomorrow so watch out for crabs n shrimps and all things salty.
In the meantime let us know whose supping up the nectar in your outback.

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cliff said...

Nice WLH's photos Dave, it looks in pristine condition, a real bobby dazzler.

Nice Gatekeeper too. I spotted one of those green eyed fly thingies on saturday but didn't manage to get a shot.