Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Splish splash splosh

The Safari played host to a Beaver group last night – the small boys not the chunky rodent type.
The came to investigate our pond, so what did they find. Well, it’s now obvious that we didn’t get all the 3-spined Sticklebacks out earlier in the year as they netted at least 30...they’ll have to go later in the year.
Plenty of Greater Pond Snails were found as usual but the Wandering Snails (Radix balthica) seem to have undergone a population crash and only a few were netted. 

Keeled Ramshorn Snails were numerous as ever but it appears we have just one Common Ramshorn Snail in there; it’s a long time since more than one was plopped in to the trays for inspection.
A small Blue Tailed Bamselfly nymph suggest that the adults that emerged early in the spring laid some eggs.
The larger Water Boatmen are now big enough to survive the jaws of the ravaging sticklebacks, but could fall victim to a rather scarce visitor to our isolated pond, a Pond Skater

This morning the Emily J  was close inshore ravaging our shellfish beds trawling for shrimps no doubt catching a whole lot more besides.
Nothing of note was noted with the huge number of gulls in attendance although there were a fair number of Great Black Backs with the Herring and Lesser Black Backed Gulls but they weren’t lifting the nets while we were watching.
Other than that we only saw a small flock of 14 Common Scoters flying past – no mammals today.
The trawler was still trawling at lunchtime but other than the gulls there wasn’t much about. A few terns out over the river mouth and three Grey Seals bobbing about on the ebbing tide were about the sum total of the day’s excitement.
Where to next? More of the same – let’s hope the over-excitement rating increases like the temperatures are supposed to be doing shortly.
In the meantime let us know what’s ripping the bottom out of your outback.
R(ock).I.P Jon - another maestro leaves us...great memories of seeing a great guy with several great bands/incarnations over the years.

Play it LOUD

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Warren Baker said...

God I hope they are right about the weather cheering up at the end of the week!

Thanks for the Bee, Hoverfly info Davo!