Saturday, 7 July 2012

Posting so early in the morning can only mean one thing

The Safari successfully got the mothy out last night. After watching the rain subside and keeping an eye on several weather forecasts it looked like a once in a blue moon dry night was on the cards.
We approached eagerly in the morning and immediately saw this pug resting on the outside of the box..any ideas...Dean, Jonny S, anyone else?

Inside the trap but above the funnel was this gorgeous Marbled Beauty, three more were hidden in the depths
Five Heart & Darts were secreted in there to but a bit more exciting were these two slightly different Dark Arches.

Better was to come!
At last after a couple or three years absense an Elephant Hawkmoth...

What a stonker!!!
And no micros...had one, probably a Codling Moth but it escaped.

So we had a celebratory cuppa. Why do bread manufacturers make 'Toastie' bread that doesn't fit in a toaster?
Nightmare getting the crumpled slice out!

Where to next? Back later?
In the meantime let us know what was bumbling around in thee darkness in your outback last night.
Blackcap singing in the garden as we're hitting the keys on the keyboard! Garden No 35!
And one from the old days for Anno as promised...hit that bass!

Some seriously good musicians on the studio album


Blackpool Nature said...

ottehiHi Dave !

Well Done on the moth pics especially the Elephant Hawkmoth - I've always wanted to see one of those - great pics !
I was out in the garden in the early hours watching moths around my security light - there were quite a few about - I must say I was hoping for a view of a Bat - not seen too many of them so far this year !
Have you tried putting your bread in the other way round DOH !!!



Warren Baker said...

Nice lookers the EH Moths Davo, good luck for the rest of today mate :-)