Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A day our eyes might have deceived us

The Safari had a miserable visit to Patch 2 this morning. Visibility was pants, beyond pants even! Misty with horrible ochorous light and a strong 'heat' haze. Everything beyond the near middle distance was a wibbly-wobbly blur.
We scanned close by for the Harbour Porpoise - no sign, we struggled to find any gulls in the middle distance suggesting that the fish shoal had moved on. Not a lot was on the move. In the big chop we struggled to find much close in but a grebe caught our eye - didn't look quite right for a Great Crested Grebe. We waited for it to pop up again which it did several times but was down again before we could get anything more on it. A Common Scoter tazzed passed and as it did so a small auk sp, much smaller than the duck flew past a little closer in. What was that??? Only about half the size of the scoter...Puffin??? Or something even smaller??? It was in the troughs all too soon and never seen again.
But what about the grebe? Well we thought it might have been a Red Necked Grebe but we couldn't find it again so we'll never know.
No other news today, we were to late for the Starlings today.
Where to next? Off out in a bit to see this chap and his rather good pictures, apparently he's won some competition or other.
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