Thursday, 22 November 2012

How rank can a day get?

The Safari looked at  the weather this morning with disdain - simply awful! We tried a look at Patch 2 but gave up in the murk with very little visibility. On the bit of beach there was a fair sized flock of Sanderlings but we only got to 15 when the nearby dog walkers pesky mutt charged at them and they all took flight away from us landing well down the beach over our southern border...freakin numpties - some dog owners not Sanderlings.
The only thing we have for you is some more Starling action from yesterday afternoon with Young Un's AB and JS, joined a little later, by CR

Where to next? Nowhere if this rotten weather holds all day again. Still we've seen an optomistic blog today which noted that it's only a month until the nights start drawing out again and spring will be round the corner - still seems a long way off though.
In the meantime let us know if the rain eased up at all in your outback.


Blackpool Nature said...

Hi Dave !

Are you trying to steal my crown as Sunset King and Murmurating Prince !
I'll be going out of business at this rate !

Nice One(s) Dave

'Woof' to the big fella !


cliff said...

Nice sunset photos Dave. Some good action on the video too, but could've done with the Starlings performing higher up against the orange sky - maybe next time?