Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bubbling under

The Safari has been busy with a school group today so hasn't been able to get out and have a look see. Shame as the sea this afternoon, when we were looking at its 'natural resources, was like a mill pond and visibility was crystal clear absolutely perfect for cetacean spotting - hope it's the same tomorrow.
So you will have to endure the second half of our raft nonesense.
Here goes:-
6. Great Crested Newts – prehistoric monsters. The planners’ nightmare...don’t yer just luv em!

7. Salmon – we’ve yet to see this majestic fish leaping the rapids of safari-land – got to be one of the most impressive sights in nature. Unlike this sorry but impressive  none-the-less specimen we found a couple of years ago. Good to know good sized fish are coming back to our rivers - bring them on!

8. White Letter Hairstreak – Really glad to have these little stunners on Patch 1 so deffo taking them on the raft...Better take an Elm tree too but not a diseased one.

9. Wall – where’d they go? And more importantly WHY? Took this pic with our first digital camera years ago and don’t think we’ve seen one since! The habitat locally hasn’t changed too much and that patch of Fleabane is still there and there are others.

10. Garden Tiger – a widespread stunner and a real ambassador for moths to prove they aren’t dull brown things that flutter round light bulbs and eat your clothes. But hardly anyone ever sees them and they seem to be declining, certainly in the nearer reaches of Safari-land.
News just in is that they (and Jersey Tiger, not yet recorded in Lancs) are the Target Species for National Moth Night 2013 (8-10th Aug) - see you there!

So there you go - our Lancashire Top 10, ohh but wait there's loads more and in the event of not being able to get out tomorrow we have another five in reserve...ohhh lucky you!
Where to next? We're looking forward to a flat calm patch 2 but bet it'll be chilly out there.
In the meantime let us know what's bubbling under in your outback.

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Deano said...

I`ve not seen a Wall (Brown) for a couple of years now Dave. Would like to know what`s happened to em around here.