Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Not a bad day after all

The Safari had a bad start today dark and dank and busy  in the office first thing. Then the rain fell heavily during the morning making us pessimistic about getting out at lunchtime. Luckily the rain had abated and we got out and soon found a a nice female Scaup sitting with a handful of Common Scoters...a good start but there wasn't anything else of note.
Just before going home time the clouds broke and a bit of a sunset started to appear which by the time we got to the pier was coming along nicely and showed off the Starlings murmurations to best advantage.

Pity there were no predators about to make them bunch up a bit more

Anyone fancy hazarding a guess as to how many are there - plenty more were arriving as we drove along the Prom.
 The the sunset started in earnest as we stopped off at the Post Office
Like we said not a bad  end to the day.
We got some video of the Starlings which may well appear on our Flickr site a bit later after we've faffed around a bit with  them.

Where to next? Wonder what Patch 2 will bring tomorrow - probably no lunchtime visit as we have a group in so the morning better be  cracker.
In the meantime let us know what's throwing the shapes in your outtback.

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