Saturday, 3 November 2012

Thrushless old soak

The Safari saw the Peregrine roosting on the tower last night for the first time in a long time. It was tucked up tight against on e of the comms cables doing its best to keep out of the wind and rain/hail. By the time we got out this morning it had already left - probably deciding tucking in to some nice warm pigeon/wader innards for breakfast was a better option than snuggling up to cold wet concrete slab.
We weren't out as early as we have been this morning leaving it a little later to give the thrushes time to wake up and get active for our first Winter Thrush Survey  of the season...better late than never as the survey officially began in mid September.
We planned to do the Brambling zone then head in to our 'square' for the  thrushes. Dunnock and Robin were at the reedbed. A Goldcrest called from the thicket and a few Blackbirds were feeding in the Hawthorns by the ditch on the way but the weather was looking seriously ominous - it looked like we were going to get wet.  

Who said Blackpool was all Kiss me Quick Hats and penny arcades?

Arriving at the zone we saw the seed was still on the path and obviously uneaten. Several Blue Tits and Great Tits were in the hedge along with another Robin but only two Chaffinches. Five Blackbirds were here but we were still ' off-survey'.
The big black cloud above us unleashed its fury in a terrific rattle of hail, so violet was it that the horses in field cantered to the hedge to get some shelter. Here, still off-survey, were another half dozen Blackbirds...with the downpour the field looked really good for a Ring Ouzel but sadly none dropped day perhaps???
The hail turned to steady heavy rain and looking in the direction it was coming from the sky was evenly dismal - time to cut our losses and make a dash for Base Camp and a warming cuppa and slice of toast.
As we turned to leave a small flock of Long Tailed Tits moved through the bushes and we noted three Grey Squirrels arguing high in a Sycamore. Looking up at them we decided to risk a couple of arty autumn colour shots.
So no survey and no thrushes apart from Blackbirds - we'll try again tomorrow.

Where to next? Might be able to get out again a bit later this arvo,
In the meantime let us know how wet it gets in your outback.

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Anonymous said...

Just the one flock of Fieldfare for me over here so far this morning Dave.