Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hopefully the first of many

The Safari tried to revive the defunct camera this morning in anticipation of it a) working again and b) a full trap of interesting moths.
How wrong we were on both counts; the camera refuses to behave and we're now convinced it's taken its last pic :-( and the moth trap wasn't overly full of anything exceptionally interesting.
Over half the catch was Large Yellow Underwings, there were 10 of them.
Last night we caught a micro moth in the kitchen which we put out on F/B as it was new to us and Young Un JS came back with a possible ID - in the cold light of day he was proved right, a Small China Mark.
Not much else in the trap to point the phone-cam at. Shuttle Shaped Dart was new for the year as we missed the first brood due to poor weather.
After breakfast we went out with Wifey to chose a carpet for the refurbished bedroom and she very kindly drove straight to an electronics outlet where our credit card was put to good use and we came out smiling with a camera sized cardboard box. Oh we are a lucky boy!!!
Unfortunately the weather turned nasty for the rest of the day so we couldn't  go out. On arrival back at Base Camp our front door held another moth spotted by hawk-eyed Wifey as she put the key in the door.
A nicely marked moth, a Yellow Barred Brindle, and as it didn't move a muscle all afternoon it became the first subject for the new camera.
Where to next? If the rain stops the mothy will be out again and we're hoping to get down to Chat Alley for an hour or so once the Large Yellow Underwings have been given their freedom.
In the meantime let us know who's decidedly camouflaged in your outback.

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