Saturday, 31 August 2013

No lucky socks today, something else required

The Safari's day started badly with an lie in over over an hour and a half, not even Frank stirred early to wake us up. By the time we realised what the time was we decided not to go down to the coast as we had other things to get ready for. A family get together at one of the few pubs we take Frank in was a welcome treat but  they were serving 'Bowland Grouse' on their 'game' menu...might have to boycott the place in future although we did have a tasty Woodpigeon, a species which in autumn can be sustainably harvested without impacting any other species almost the complete opposite of Red Grouse, probably tastes better than them too.
Once back at Base Camp the TV went on to reveal the unusual season fare of awful dancing, singing and voting which is going to last for months. Shame they couldn't do some sort of X-factor for budding naturalists. 
To escape the early TV dross we tried going back to the local muddy pool and this time dogged perseverance paid off, no luck involved, and we soon saw one of the two Green Sandpipers (175) that have been seen there on and off for the best part of a week.
The light was fading quickly and the white underparts showed up crisply against the dark mud, much more 'Daz' white than the grey-white of the many juvenile Pied Wagtails flitting from dollop to dollop nearby. Also feeding there was a Snipe and several Teal. Overhead Swallows swooped low over the water.
So back to Base Camp we went (almost) happy to face the TV.
Where to next? It'll be another late start tomorrow although with no rain forecast overnight the mothy is out, hope it's not too windy.
In the meantime let us know what dogged perseverance provided in your outback.

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