Thursday, 1 August 2013

You're safe! A rant free day today

The Safari has had a better day today out watching for whales and dolphins with enthusiastic volunteers followed by a great afternoon on the beach with more young families. Exactly what a warm summer's day is for. We didn't find a lot for the whale watchers but two, possibly three, Grey Seals were the star attraction. A flock of about 10 Black Tailed Godwits (P2 #70) flew by which at the time we didn't realise was a patch year bird. It seems to have been a long time since we opening the birding year spreadsheet.
Our young families found lots of great stuff including the only and only Lonely George Blackpool Limpet - it's the only one we've got!
A one-armed Green Shore Crab
Two fully armed ones
A chunk of Coconut shell - the big question is from where? The Coconut shy stall at a local summer fete, a kitchen via a fruit & veg shop or the Caribbean? We know which we'd like it to be!
Taking Frank out at tea-time we saw the Peregrine was on his usual ledge on the tower and appeared to be tucking in to his tea too. We hope we were able to get AS on to it from her home via the medium of Twitter.
Walking back to Base Camp a moth flew past us and settled in view - they never do that. Udea prunalis thanks to GJ on FB - ain't this social media stuff great; provided you use it in the right way for the right reasons.

 Great sky this evening, a real beaut, reminds us of a line in a film spoken by Burt Lancaster

Where to next? Land Rover in sick bay tomorrow so no early Patch 2 wacth again but at lunchtime there's a chance we may be 'starring' in a small role on BBC TV to be aired later in the day.
In the meantime let us know how blue the sky is in your outback.


Heather Wilde said...

Love that fish scale sky, but feeling a bit sorry for poor old lonely George!

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