Friday, 2 August 2013

The Safari is most upset with the Beeb - they never showed up so we're neither famous nor enjoying a new found fortune. Still we had three new volunteers on our National Whale & Dolphin Watch but no cetaceans. Two Grey Seals kept us entertaining with there disappearing acts and towards the end of our hour a third distant one put in an appearance.
Very few sea birds were about, later we heard that earlier there'd been a Black Tern go past - ohhh cruel.
While that was trundling along the coast we were otherwise engaged with a gang of youngsters and a lot of nets. They gave our pond a severe going over.
Towards the end we managed a couple of shots of a Pond Skater, a fairly irregular visitor to our little pond.
Where to next? Not sure about the moth trap tonight, there's an earlyish start tomorrow with more invisible dolphin watching...well you never know. And if you don't fancy joining us at the Mirror Ball you could nip up the coast a few miles and join SMcC at Norbreck Cliffs instead.
In the meantime let us know what rarely seen visitor graced your outback today.

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