Monday, 5 August 2013

There's clowns and then there's dangerous clowns

The Safari quite likes the sea as we're sure you've noticed. We like to swim and paddle in it, we've snorkeled and scuba-dived in it; we've fished in it, we're partial to a bit a sustainable seafood, taken countless kiddies exploring its edges, moaned about the scrotes that leave their litter in it, undertaken land based and ship based surveys of its huge variety of life, counted myriads of birds, we've lain in bed listening to the bells on the buoys marking Liverpool's channel tolling on the swell (do they still do that?) and more; you get the picture we quite like the sea and at the moment there is the opportunity to do something seriously good to promote the sustainable use of it after centuries of abuse from using it as an invisible dumping ground for all sorts of horrors to removing all the fish from huge swathes of it. 
No doubt you're well aware its the Wildlife Trust's National Marine Week this week, not only that it's also National Jellyfish Week (what will they think of next?) and then there's marine research like this and wonders like these - what does our glorious Minister for the Environment say about his responsibilities? "I agree with 127 ecologically coherent Marine Conservation Zones as researched and recommended by thousands of hours of volunteer and others' time and expertise - oh and can you find another 23 and I'll make it a round 150?" No he makes a mockery of all the effort everyone has put into the project over many years. Was the Discards Ban just a red herring, throwing the conservationists a fish to keep them quiet while in he was in bed with all the vested big businesses and quite prepared to continue the destruction of the marine environment? 'Business as usual' then'! Really he's not fit for purpose! he may surprise us when he makes his statement in a couple of weeks time - not holding our breath.
As someone said - it's not as if we really need the sea is it?

For all our sakes Benyon pull your finger out or get out...and while you're at it take that Praterson with you!!!
If either of you don't like the environment do us all a favour and leave you big house in the country and go and live in a mid-floor fall in a hi-rise in a city centre'll probably discover you did quite like the environment after all - so feckin look after it for us!
Where to next? Hopefully there won't be wall to wall rain tomorrow giving us more to do than trawl through Twitter to bring you some wildlifey news.
In the meantime let us know who's looking after the environment in your outback.
More marine nonsense but not from our motley crew this time.

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Warren Baker said...

SUPERB BIT OF RANTING DAVE!!! I hope it gets to the right ears!

Nice one