Wednesday, 2 October 2013

It's still all happening

The Safari was tempted into our first unescorted venture out since our op by early breaking news of a Redstart at Chat Alley...oh to find that chat there ourselves! The over night rain had stopped and that news meant that some  night migrants had dropped and were on the move.
We decided to go up the hill to Patch 1. There was no vis mig going on as we walked there but a couple of the gardens held ticking Robins...with Frank not taking that far these days we don't know if this is 'normal' or not. 
Our Shaggy Inkcap has deteriorated further overnight.
Once in the park though it was evident there were more Robins than would have been considered normal, somewhere between 30 and 50 and not a single one seen!!! Two Sparrowhawks soared over, probably local birds. Also there we heard four Goldcrests and saw at least three of them but otherwise it was quiet, just a few Magpies and Woodpigeons and hardly a Blackbird so they probably weren't on the move in any numbers last night.
All that habitat and not a warbler to be found despite a lot of walking around pishing and hweeting.
Anyway the hand was bearing up so after a couple of circuits we made the bold decision to go somewhere we've never been before, the nearby golf course on the opposite side of the road. Their roadside has a fairly recently planted row of trees, the usual amenity mix of natives and odd-balls which is thickening up nicely and it has a Public Footpath running right across the middle. We walked to the end of the roadside trees without seeing anything then took the path across. From that we could safely stand on the course and scan the other side of the  row of trees getting a Magpie, a Woodpigeon and a Great Tit we hadn't seen from the road so reasonable promising so far.
Fortunately it wasn't busy with golfers although a few groups were playing, unfortunately the path runs along a 'valley' and views across much of the course are restricted but there are some interesting small thickets of scrub and a few all looks very Wheateary. Can't believe we've never watched this area before; might be worth a few more visits while we're convalescing without the extra weight of the plaster cast depending on the weather...or would we be better going to Chat Alley if we could get that little bit further...oh decisions decisions!
Where to next? The plaster cast is off and we're ready to rumble...gingerly still.
In the meantime let us know what the rain dropped in your outback.

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