Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Where'd everyone go?

The Safari didn't see much early this morning just the local gulls and a few Common Scoters beedling about possibly trying to relocate their mates.
At lunchtime we waited and waited but no-one came to our event, not really surprising as for much of the preceding  hour horizontal hail rattled hard against the office window. While we were waiting for the throng to appear we watched this squall coming our way and hunkered down behind the wall as it passed over to avoid a drenching. Spare a thought for SMcC who was doing a two hour cetacean watch through the worst of it!
The wind had dropped a bit from yesterday but not a lot it was still easy to get blown about a bit and a moments lack of concentration could have landed us on our butt.
Surprisingly after the heavy weather there were no where near as many shell on the beach as we'd hoped/expected. They were only in scattered locations along the beach. 
There were a couple of surprises though. Lots of Common Otter Shells wasn't unusual but the large Native Oyster was a nice find and not too worn so only recently deceased - there has to be a small population out there somewhere. The star find was the White Piddock, they are invariably broken as they are very fragile.
At half time we were joined by local marine guru DB and had an amble along the rockpools but most of them were too murky to see into. We had a good look for the only Limpet on the wall but we couldn't find him.
There were enough Pod Razors to make a little beach art.
Where to next? We've got a cetacean watch tomorrow thankfully the wind should have dropped a bit and swung round more southerly so it shouldn't be so wavy. Should be able to join SMcC for the last hour of her watch too on the way back to Base Camp.

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