Sunday, 6 October 2013

Too late?

The Safari was lazy this morning egged on by the sight of bright sunshine blazing through the little bedroom window; we didn't think there's be too much vis to watch so we rolled over and went back to sleep until woken over an hour and a half later by a demanding Frank.
We didn't get in to the garden until after 09.00!!! and then had to have a break to put Wifey's crumpets in the toaster and boil the kettle for her brew.
Vis mig could only be described as 10.30 we had three Meadow Pipits, a Skylark and a Chaffinch all beaten to best sighting of the morning by 15 Jackdaws coming from the north and turning east almost overhead.
Thinking we might be missing it to the east like last week we peered between the houses to see a distant Sparrowhawk cruising around but no passerines at all.
It wasn't all bad news as a Woodpigeon was seen feeding its well grown youngster on milk again. It was still warm enough for butterflies to be on the wing. The garden provided a Red Admiral, a Speckled Wood and a new one for the year a Comma!
Where to next? Physio first thing tomorrow probably won't be able to hold bins or camera for the rest of the day...they're well meaning but ferociously fierce. Before that we might have a stand outside listening for Redwings...gotta be better use of time than Strictly come x factor.
In the meantime let us know what's new in in your outback.

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