Thursday, 24 October 2013

Late IDs

The Safari now has some identifications for the marine species we found on the beach in Scotland.
Electra pilosa - a bit of Herringbone Hydroid on there too.
Gibbula cineraria
Gibbula umbilicalis
We hope we're right, if we're not please let us know.
We were back to work for the first time in five weeks this morning but unable to get out for an early Patch 2 visit.
Later we went out at lunchtime with the scope. The tide was rising and we were hopeful of finding something in the good conditions. Our hopes were soon dashed when all we could find were a small number of Common Scoters although several were nice and close, no Surf Scoters sadly as found off north Wales this morning by Patch 2 regular SD.
Eventually a Red Throated Diver revealed itself out in the middle distance.
We had a chat to LR who was fishing up the promenade aways and had already caught a small Flounder but too small for the frying pan. He also noted there were a good number of Red Admirals coasting southwards...they've probably seen the weather forecast and were high tailing it out of harms way before it makes landfall.
Patch 1 with Frank gave us a calling Goldcrest and gathering Magpies making their way to Magpie Wood.
Where to next? Hopefully we'll be able to point the camera at something new tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know what's been hiding its identity for a week in your outback.

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