Saturday, 5 October 2013

Mixed day all round

The Safari was out in the garden not long after dawn. As usual we were hoping to record some visible migration. 
The sky would have been crystal blue if it weren't for the plethora of cris-crossing vapour trails  up there.
Clear skies aren't good for vis migging as if there are any birds going over they can be far too high to even hear never mind see, and so it was today there wasn't much in evidence, all we had were a few Meadow Pipits and a handful of Chaffinches.
A couple of Blackbirds were bickering and showing well in the Rowan tree but it was still too dark to get any pics of them, by the time the sun had risen to bathe the tree in bright light they'd had their fill and left.
In their place a Magpie turned up but was very wary diving out of the tree when a Sparrowhawk glided by.
With little happening we caled it a day after only an hour and a half.
Mid afternoon our Extreme Photographer dropped by for a brew and a chat and while we were out in the garden we had a Speckled Wood and a Red Admiral.
Later Wifey and Frank took us to the nature reserve where we hoped to connect with the recent Garganey and Jack Snipe.
Neither were present but we did see a Little Grebe and counted 11 Wigeon. Two dozen Shovelers was a minimum and there were a small number of Gadwall about.
The water level is a little up on recent visits and where we were seeing the Snipe previously was now a bit flooded. However the slightest of movements in the cut reeds outside the window caught our eye. Not a Jack Snipe but a 'normal' one.

Also seen were plenty of Migrant Hawkers, a couple of Red Admirals, a Small Tortoiseshell, a Small White and a Speckled Wood. As we were taking the Snipe pics the door opened and Wifey peeked in telling us it was time to go.
Did you see both birds in the pics?
Where to next? Anything might or might not happen tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know what's trying really hard not to be seen in your outback.
Today is National Badger Day - lets hope all out tonight grubbing for worms are sleeping soundly in their setts tomorrow safe from the murderous intentions of those deliberately ignoring the science and wantonly avoiding a raft of sensible bio-security measures that would help keep cattle safe too. And then we heard about the possibility of gassing trials...OH NO YOU DON'T YOU FILTHY BLOODTHIRSY SH*TS - GET YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER BEFORE YOU BLAME OUR WILDLIFE!!!
Let's get Praterson out of office (and here) and then hope his ilk never get anywhere near a position of power or influence ever again otherwise the rest of us will have no environment or anything in it to enjoy.


Heather Wilde said...

Justified rant and thoughts shared many others.

Anonymous said...

Cracking composition of the Magpie photo, Dave.