Tuesday, 1 July 2008

National Whale and Dolphin Watch - Part X - or The Final Chapter or Things Beginning with C & G

The last hour's watch sadly produced no Cetaceans again. The wind had changed to southerly but was still too strong and roughing up the sea.

We did get 2 single Curlews and a flock of 3 Common Terns - the Cs. The Gs were a Grey Seal, 2 Gannets and a Great Crested Grebe. All except
the Seal were going south, that just disappeared.

Many thanks to the Friends of Marton Mere for the loan of their telescopes and binoculars. A big thank you also to all those hardy souls who turned up to help, or just stopped to chat and find out about the marine wildlife along the Fylde coast.

In the meantime keep looking, just because the NWD
W has finished it doesn't mean we have to to stop. If you do see any Cetaceans please report them to myself and/or the Sea Watch Foundation

It would be great if you could also make a note of the time as I am conducting a simple study which might help Lancashire and Cumbria watchers pin th
e little blighters down.

Also on todays blog...the little 'Lily Flies' are back in my pond. There were a few of them last night doing their dancing thing. Any ideas as to the species anyone?

This morning was the years first Ruby Tailed Wasp buzzing about my brickwork. I couldn't get a shot but thought i might have had a stock one for you but if I have I can't find it. It might even have been an old fashioned slide.

Bizarrest of all - and not unexpected - not 6 hours after the end of my final stint on NWDW the sea was as calm as...so flat you could almost walk on it...typical...but about 3/4 mile off Gynn Square (Gynn = cleft in cliff/narrow valley for anyone following the Vikings on the Ramsey Daily Photo Blog) was a solitary Mute Swan just sat calm as you like on the sea.

Where to next? A butterfly safari around Devonshire Road Rock Gardens in Bispham. 2pm Sunday 6th July - meet at the main gate. Hopefully the very scarce White Letter Hairstreaks will be on the wing.

I'm just sitting here waiting for the storm to break. It's been 26C here in Blackpool this arvo and now its as 'black as the 'obs' of 'ell', whatever they are!

Don't believe me? See Marton's weather site.

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