Thursday, 10 July 2008

Beachcombing for every shell in the book!

Whilst one group of school children headed for the pond to search out the usual suspects; Sticklebacks, Pond Snails, Water Boatmen and Leeches, their classmates hit the beach with gusto.

They returned with pockets and bags full of sea shells. Their eagle eyes had searched out a huge variety. The full list consis
ted of...Edible Whelk, Tower Shell, Dog Whelk, Pod Razor, Small Razorshell, Edible Mussel, Common Otter Shell, Banded Wedge Shell, Edible Oyster, Striped Venus, White Piddock, Masked Crab, Common Cockle, Prickly Cockle, Rayed Trough Shell, Shore Crab, and a small number of unidentified and unidentifiable bits.

Above - Sea Heart and Prickly Cockle

Above - Pod Razor, bottom, Sea Heart top left, Prickly Cockle and Barnacle encrusted Edible Mussel

Above - Rayed Trough Shell

Above - Unidentified prickly winkle type shell.

Whilst the children were on their beach safari, there were reports coming in from the Rangers that White Letter Hairstreaks had been seen at the Rock Gardens. A little bit of sunshine was all that was needed.

Where to next? Back to the Rock Gardens after work if it's sunny.


BarkerBitesBack said...

The only irregular echinoids I've ever seen have been fossils!

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