Thursday, 17 July 2008

Needles in haystacks.

High tide backed by a strong westerly wind at lunchtime means only one thing – there is a chance of Storm Petrels. So it’s time to brave the elements and get out on the sea wall. Yes that’s right, it’s only 14C, there’s a 25 mph gale blowing and it’s the middle of July.

I had 20 minutes to get myself a lifer. It’s like looking for feathered needle in a huge haystack of white horses.

A small flock of 5 Dunlin raced past about 6 or 7 waves out. They looked tiny and spent most of their time above the waves. In fact they are a little bigger than a Storm Petrel which ‘live’ out of sight in the troughs between the waves.

After 20 minutes still no sign of any Petrels. I did, however, manage to spot the grand total of 2 Herring Gulls, 2 Lesser Black Backed Gulls, a Black Headed Gull, and a Great Black Backed Gull which headed out to sea against the wind as if only a slight breeze was blowing.

Was it worth getting soaked by the waves coming over the wall for – yes it’s always worth it! You never know what you might find. The wind is still forecast strong for tomorrow so we’ll have to try again then.

Where to next? Prom again tomorrow lunchtime with fingers crossed. After that I’m looking forward to the Bat night at Stanley Park on Saturday night. Meet at the Visitor Centre at 9.30pm. The weather is expected to have improved by then so there should be plenty of hungry bats flying about.

In the meantime keep looking in your ‘outback‘ and let us know what wildlife you see.

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Warren Baker said...

Nice, readable blog. I'll dip in from time to time. Keep it up mate.