Wednesday, 2 July 2008

No more National Whale and Dolphin Watch any more!

A quite day today. I tried to do a sea watch for half an hour just after the high tide but, unlike yesterday, it was too cold...There wasn't much about. A Collared Dove appeared from over the sea wall. Very strange, can't remember ever seeing one in the garden at work before, its all Feral Pigeons. It flew behind the hotels and a couple of minutes later it, or another one, flew over the sea wall (from the sea side) again...weird. But that's the thing with watching wildlife; the ordinary can do some unexpected things. You just never know what is going to happen next.

Another school group visited the Solaris Centre today and managed to find this Emperor Dragonfly emerging from its nymphal skin...fantastic.

They also had a couple of Cinnabar Moths, and two 7 spot Ladybirds. The cold wind after yesterdays heat meant that insects were in short supply.

Got home and watched the Lily Flies doing their thing but they are very camera shy when it comes to performing. I can't get near enough. Have to ask one of the Springwatch cameramen to come and do it for me.

Below are a couple of pictures of yeserday evening's brewing storm - it didn't quite live up to expectations - one heavy downpour and no thunder - very disappointing. Nearly got the sea on the horizon level!

Where to next? Butterfly walk at Devonshire Road Rock Gardens, Bispham, 2pm Sunday...pray for some sunshine please.

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