Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Back with a vengeance

The safari is still suffering pain and agony - oh woe is me - in the back - jeez wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Worst of all the sun is trying to shine and there's no way we can get out and about.
So we're stuck indoors 'enjoying' the wonders of the BBC Springwatch message board and those old chestnuts about Magpies demolishing cutesy song bird nests it always throws up. Me thinks many people need to learn more about ecology and focus less on the 'nice' things...(Ecology doesn't include Florida's Yellow Flies btw - thay are just plain evil). Nature is red in tooth and claw! Some moth and butterfly wits have advocated a cull on Blue Tits to try to make a valid ecological point. Still there is some interesting stuff on there and plenty of newbies wanting help, info and advice; some coming to enjoy wildlife in their later years, many youngsters too which is always encouraging.
Might get an hour in the garden this arvo and do a bit of skywatching to count all those Honey Buzzards going over hahaha - if it warms up of course!
Did yet out - no Honey Buzzards - as if!!! But got first pic of this year's brood of Blue Tailed Damselflies - wonder if our totally mysterious Large Red Damselflies will turn up again this year.

This one is in the process of pumping up its wings.

And one of our many 3-spined Sticklebacks - no idea what they eat but there are loads of them so there must be plenty of food in the water for them - they don't go for the pellets the Orfe and Goldfish get.
Where to next? Out of the sick bed we hope.
In the meantime let us know what's backing up in your outback


Warren Baker said...

Need some of that medicinal brandy dave ! Keep moving - it helps :-)

Anno said...

Davo - while your lazin' around doing nowt - did you check my Lizard Idents?

both Anoles - (pronounced anolay)a green and a Brown - great little critters,kept the Greens a few times - they look like something from the Simpsons, especially when the males through their dewlaps out!!