Sunday, 13 June 2010

Score draw

The safari went out on Patch 1 last night, before a certain score draw, a heard the Lesser Whitethroat. Be nice to see some more positive evidence of breeding.
This morning we went a walk the other way...what; the safari went DOWN the hill!!! Yep we went to check out the local Bee Orchids...success two found. Both small, div align="justify">So Uphill 1 - 1 Downhill a hard fought score draw.
And now the answer to the mystery mammal. It's an endemic of the Eucalyptus forests of south west Western Australia; a Honey Possom. found by my good mate GB on his own wildlife refuge. Nice one GB keep those mystery marsupial pics coming.
Where to next? Well cold wind and heavy overnight rain scuppered the moth trap so it'll be back to the patches for the rest of the week.
In the meantime have you spotted any mystery mammals in your outback this weekend.

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