Wednesday, 2 June 2010

It's large, it's red, it's back

The safari wasn't expecting to do two posts today but a venture into the garden this arvo gave us this...
Maybe they do breed in our pond never did find out any other sites with them in locally - never seen more than one at anyone time in the garden though.
Where to next? Back into the garden for more goodies, lovely weather too - 20C and climbing with no wind to speak of - bliss.
In the meantime let us know what you think might be in your outback after all.


Craig said...
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Craig said...

Hi Dave,

Would you like to borrow a "tens machine" if you do? i will drop one off for you if you want? i would of asked you before...but it belongs to my mate and its took until now to get hold of him and he said he would let you have it until your back is better.
Today i went to see the eagle owls at dunsop, i saw one perched on a rock, although it was a very long way off, my scope was at 45x and the owl only looked 1cm.
I saw it just after my arrival, but it left after about 5 mins and it did not return in the six and a half hours i stayed on the path.
I took my Handycam and got some footage of him/her sat there.
My Handycam zooms much closer than my scope, therefore, ive had a better look on tv of that fantastic owl.
After those hours in the sun today my face is like a tomato lol.

best wishes,