Thursday, 24 June 2010

The last post...

This is the last post before the Safari goes under the Sturgeon's knife...again!
Patch 1 was wet and rainy this morning - where did that come from...but not much other than Woodpigeons, Collared Doves and Blackbirds about.
As you will be aware we have been taking an interest in the man from Moore's missives and mathmatical gymnastics.
So using his theories we put our year list to the test. By the way - if you haven't been to Moore, near Runcorn and Widnes, then we thoroughly recommend it. A great site all year round, good birds, good insects, gulls gulls gulls for the Laridophiles from the landfill next door and there is always the chance of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Don't go when the Safari is in town as you will get nothing more than a short burst of call but if you visit when we're not there the bird will be performing somersaults so close you won't be able to focus your bins on it! - not sure how good it is for other stuff like plants and fungi etc - a chap called Anno might like to stick something in the comments and let us know.
So what about our list - In January we predicted 175, the Moore Mathmatical Genius's Universal Birding Truth says...176.7 as you can't have 3/4 of a bird it'll have to round up to 178.
Our total so far, with a full six months gone, is 167. That Law of Diminishing Returns is fierce - only 11 more species mathmatically available to get in the second half of the year. We have already dipped 11 species but clawed back two of them. To beat the mathmatics we are going to have to do some serious twitching but that bends the rules as the 'effort' is supposed to be constant throughout the year...doesn't say you can't twitch just means that that is 'cheating' to beat the maths!
We do have a trip to North Wales planned for later in the summer when a couple or three 'extras' might fall. Other than that it seems that the Universal Truth of Bird Listing might just be true...try it on your lists and let us know how your 'actual v the maths' bears out.
On a totally different tack...
The safari uses this Green Lane from time to time and has witnessed some of the damage the numpties had done - disgraceful. But what a pity about the last line of this press article in relation to other areas not very far from this woodland and the creatures that live there which suffer (allegedly we hasten to add!!!) persistant illegal persecution.
If we are fit we will be standing up to be counted as one of the responsible users of a 4x4 in the countryside.
Where to next? We can smell those scalpels being autoclaved.
In the meantime let us know whose been up to numptiness in your outback.


Anonymous said...

All the best with the surgery, Dave. Look forward to your return to blogging.

cliff said...

Under the Sturgeon's knife, that's new - the last time I was up at Vic there was a sign warning that "Guard Dogs operate at this hospital".

Good luck with your op & I hope you're soon on the mend. I shall miss reading your blog during your enforced absence.



Warren Baker said...

Good luck with the bird count Dave. Also with the surgeon, lets hope he leaves you with that typing finger :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Davo - Moore is good for everything,fungi,spiders and inverts and flora and its near to gods own land - sunny Widnes - now known as Ravenville!

Top Dragonfly site too and a new nearby site for Banded Demo's!

Get back on your feet soon and we'll give it a whirl - might even persuade Moore Patcher to talk Metal too!

Craig said...

Good luck Dave.
Get well soon,

best wishes,

Monika said...

I put my year list to the test and I had I stayed put my projected total would come to 174, pretty close to my original goal! Of course my trip through things in the blender, and my effort won't be consistent throughout the year either. I can only figure on 2-3 more definites for my list, and the odd surprise.