Monday, 28 June 2010

Still here

The Safari has no pics for you today, been the quacks to have the hand rebandaged, wot a bludy mess - big holes in the middle of our hand. Now the hurting part begins - - physio...oh noooooo.
Anyways we've had a quiet day at home in the rain...yes some wet stuff fell this arvo. wifey came home and suggested we take Frank for a walk up to the Bee Orchids where the Safari could do a count and see if the Broomrape has come up this year.
Frank put the mockers on the proceedings by diving in the brook which, due to the lack of rain, is just a mass of stinking black sludge....ohhhh FRAAAANNNK!!!!!! IDEEE-OT!!!!! All we saw was a single Common Blue butterfly.
Whilst watching him being hosed down in the garden we heard the cheerful chirruping of more than one HOUSE SPARROW - there was a female and at least three youngsters hopping in and out of our trees and on to the feeder - great stuff but will they stick around for the rset of the summer and tell their mates.
A Great Tit also put in an appearance for the first time in a while. Not interested in the feeder it spent its time searching for spiders on the laths of the fence panels. Talking of spiders we have spotted a belter on a piece of dead stem overhanging the pond. Can't get a pic until the hand improves as it's in a tricky position.
That's all for today folks the pain is kicking in now.
Where to next? More Base Camp stuff and maybe we'll get over to the Bee Orchids tomorrow evening - doubt if Wifey will want to take Frank anywhere near that stinking ditch for the rest of the summer though.
In the meantime we hope your footy team is still in with a shout cos our shower of useless sh*tes will be home tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

That Fat Frank of yours needs a Diet. Sorry to hear about the Fingers how many do you have left?