Sunday, 27 June 2010

A big win?

The Safari won a thousand on the lottery last night, sadly pence not pounds. We need five nu,bers and the bomus ball just to break even, and we've probably paid for the 2012 Olympics TWICE!
After yesterday's Drone Flies we had another today which today looked like a Red Tailed Bumble Bee.
Any one got any suggestions?
Today was the hottest day of the year so far here. 30C one day soon or will the weather break before then? Yes we know the sun was hitting the thermometer but still 24C in the shade...loverly.
Too hot for Frank though.
We're still waiting for that rarity to drop in. We mentioned Red Kites as they are nesting not too far away in south Lakeland and more are about to be introduced there too. It's not a long flap to north Lancashire and thence to Over Wyre and the Fylde. In fact most of Lancashire west of the Pennines looks ideal for them, lots of Rabbits, lots of small woodlands - lets hope they do well in the county in the next five yeatrs or so.
On the pond there has been a 100% increase in the number of Pond four.
A chunky teneral damselfly avoided the pot. Could it have been our second Large Red Damselfly or one of the even scarcer, for Base Camp, Common Blue or Azure Damselflies. Have to hope it sticks around and matures.

After the referee/linesman from hell all was soooooo silent in the vicinity of Base Camp, a strange sort of silence...apart from the cheerful chirrupping of a HOUSE SPARROW coming from the direction of our recently filled feeder - a female!!!!! Almost makes up for THAT result. A bit of watering before the hosepipe ban is announced flushed a Yellow Shell moth from deep within our vegetation.

Where to next? Sepp Blatters gaff with a sacful of goal line technology and a lynch mob - the Safari a sore loser - never...

In the meantime let us know who needs lynching in your outback...any Mexicans read this rubbish?


Warren Baker said...

Welll done with that House Sparrow Dave.....Bullfinch's will follow :-)

Monika said...

Never watched much football until this World Cup - what's with the lack of technology being used relative to other sports? The media is all over that fact here, and apparently FIFA likes the controversy. Sorry there wasn't more for you to cheer about during your recovery! Maybe a red kite or other good drop in will help cheer you up.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi guys...Bullfinch? There'll be aliens from andromeda on the base camp tick list before them!
The TV replay was invented for footy all those black and white years ago why they won't use it I don't know but it probably woulnd't have changed the result just made a better game, same for the Mexicans too. The team i predicted to win are still in...but who are they????

cliff said...

AyUp Dave

I hope you're on the mend?

I think you're Drone Fly that's got a look of a Red tailed bumblebee could be(or is that could bee?), Merodon equestris, which appears to have two common names - Large Narcissus Fly or Greater Bulb Fly. My book says of said beastie - "This hairy bumble-bee mimic has several varieties, each resembling a different species of bee" & goes onto say "The species was thought to have been accidentally introduced with imported bulbs in the late 1800's and is one of the very few pest species of hoverfly"

So - I don't like the sound of that one :-(