Sunday, 17 July 2011

From the darkest depths

The Safari has been drying out this arvo and in between downpours dashed out to empty one of our spud bags for our dinner. Not a bad little haul considering the seed potatos were half price and their growing medium was home -compost that has been festering away in the 'dalek' since the year before last. They've gone into (well some of them have) a hearty winter stew with dumplings...just what you need on a mid-July's evening!!!

Whilst out tiding up the emptied soil we heard a commotion overhead - a Peregrine was noisily chasing another, best sighting of the day and only four feet from the back door!

We took Frank for a sprint round half of Patch 1 without getting wet - phewwww - one of the Peregrines (or indeed a third perhaps) was sat on the usual ledge.
A Song Thrush was out and about looking for snails and probably very grateful for this wet weather. Not far away Frank's nose led him to a dead adult Hedgehog, close to the road but turning it with our toe didn't reveal any obvious cause of death...shame to lose such a large breeding animal from our small local population.
Where to next? Another look at a variety of weather forecasts shows the wind stays strong for a while...what would we give for a Stormy?

In the meantime let us know if it's stopped raining yet in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

If you're having a winter stew in July, god knows what you will need come december :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Stew was grand Warren, thick rich gravy, creamy dumplings all served up in a giant Yorkshire pud...and those spuds...mmmmmm!
Got my eye on some nice Greek salad with feta and lashings of olive oil for Christmas lunch



Anonymous said...

Nice clean spuds there, Dave. You can`t beat home-grown ones.