Friday, 15 July 2011

Mysteries solved

The Safari has been bothering the good people at iSpot again and they have come up with the following IDs
The sea slugs are Sea Lemons, Archidoris pseudoargus
and the crab is the Flying Crab, Liocarcinus holsatus
Both are widely distributed around the British Isles and the Irish Sea.

Other news...Patch 1 only gave us one pre-sun patient Meadow Brown this morning and a Great Spotted Woodpecker was heard at the end of Base Camp's street, the first 'close' one since our neighbours savaged their Sycamore tree, which incidentally now has a very exposed Woodpigeon's nest in it. Also seen was a very young family of Great Tits, can't be a second brood (can it?), so must be a very late (replacement?) first brood.

Patch 2 gave us 14 Sandwich Terns and not a lot else other than the first of this year's Herring Gulls on the beach.

At lunchtime Patch 2 gave us only a single Common Tern...oh and a new tick inthe form of a friend's husband! ID'd eventually via their Black Labrador puppy.

In the front garden at work we spotted this grass whilst working with the school group and decided we don't know what it is - so it's now on iSpot awaiting an ID...unless someone on here can get in there first of course. It might be Sand Cat's-tail...but there again it might not...anybody?

That ligule is about 1mm long.

Where to next? Got a plan for the weeekend which hopefully will include another year bird but the weather forecast doesn't look overly promising and we cuold well be scuppered.

In the meantime let us know how green the grass grows on the other side of the fence in your outback.

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