Sunday, 10 July 2011

Weekend odds n sods

The Safari has had a busy weekend with little opportunity for wildlife-ing. A quick game of footy on Patch 1 with Frank and his chum Toby gave us the Peregrine on the tower on the way back to Base Camp early evening - a rather unusual time. This morning a Robin was twittering its autumn quickly the seasons move on.

Saturday saw us at work on the beach with a group of youngsters from the Midlands, some of whom had only ever been on a beach once in their lives before and most saw their first ever Compass Jellyfish...well any jellyfish for that matter and what a whopper it was!!!

Another gratuitous pic of the Comma from Friday arvo...shame something's taken a big bite out of its right hindwing.
This morning it was emptying the moth trap time. As usual Heart & Darts were the most numerous species in there. But there were a few other goodies too.
Not sure if the following pair are both Codling Moths

They certainly look pretty similar...but there again...
This blurry fellow could be anything... any ideas folks.

Probably the stars of the morning were these two Scalloped Oaks.

Dot Moths are nice and easy to ID.

And after a good few Dark Arches recently we thought we'd do a photo study of them rather than the ususual vertical ID shot.

With eyes like that they must use vision at least as much as their antennal senses whatever they may be.

Today we had family business in Liverpool, on the nearly 100 mile motorway journeys we got just one Buzzard and no Kestrels on a decent afternoon for raptors to be on the wing.

Somewhere around Wigan we had a 'Commic' Tern (probably Common) fly west over the carriageway, somewhat unusual as there was no watercourse for a few miles either side of it.

Where to next? Back to the patches where we expect there to be something of interest.

In the meantime let us know if any one in your outback has had a rare butterfly in their hand, CR has but sadly too close for him to photograph - lucky so-n-so!!! But check out his pre-on-the-hand pics as they're just a bit better than 'flippin' good!!!

On another note (pun intended as usual)...we've just been istening to Andrea Bocelli on 'Popstar to Opera star'...well Wifey had it on. As a heavy rock/prog rock/early punk/jazz-funk fusion/dub-ska-reggae afficionado we'd certainly encourage you to chill out close your eyes, open your mind and listen to that guys voice - sensational....beyond sensational...goose-bumps...must be an age thing!!!

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