Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Safari was in the town centre at an event today - pheww it was pleasantly hot - beatuful blue skies and thankfully, as our tables were covered with leaflets - no wind!!!

We had a lorra, lorra hats on, work, FARG, Naturewatch, National Whale & Dolphin Watch, Marinelife and occasionally helping out with the North Blackpool Pond Trail stand next door.

We were in the new town square which boasts this amazing satute/artwork/feature

Opposite the sculpture is the old church and at about two o'clock a Peregrine flew in and landed in the niche facing us - perfect for all the passers-by but it spent alot of time turned towards the wall.

Apart from a few drunks the only wildlife seen was a somewhat lost Small Tortoiseshell that whizzled through the square heading for the coast.
Where to next? Another hot day, perhaps too hot for Frank so not sure where we'll get to but for starters the mothy will need investigating first thing in the morning.

In the meantime let us know how blue the sky is in your outback.

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Stephen Dunstan said...


3 porpoises and c800 scoter North Shore and a Marsh Harrier near the Mere.