Saturday, 16 July 2011

Lashing it down

The Safari was excused an early morning dog walk this morning. Wifey and Frank somehow misseda soaking as later the heavens opened for a few hours! Avoiding the rain was a Peregine their normal narrow ledge on the tower.

When the rain eventually stopped the garden and feeders came to life with tree Blackbirds chomping ripe fruits off next door's Rowan tree, families of Greenfinches and Goldfinches descended on the sunny seeds with a single Great Tit an adult and juvenile Dunnock and bringing up the rear was a Woodpigeon which came for a drink and splash about in the puddles on the garage roof...all within minutes of the last raindrop falling.

An all too brief sunny interlude mid-arvo saw a small southerly passage of Swallows and a Blue Tailed Damselfly fluttered around the pond..

It wasn't long before the rain returned! In between bouts of rain we took Frank round to Patch 1 for a quick gane of footy. No wildlife as such to report from there but we did see two suspicious packages being passed between different groups of 'unsavoury' types and another shell-suited gorp walked passed waffling on to his mate on the other end of his mobile about how he would be round in a bit with some 'meth'. Crikey three drug deals goin down in broad daylight in a few 100 square yards within the space of two minutes! Some local patch we watch!!!

Then it poured down...again...and we were soaked by the time we got back to Base Camp.

Where to next? Weather looks bally awful for tomorrow's safari and our target species could well be keeping hunkered sdown out of sight.

In the meantime let us know what floats your boat - we'll no doubt be able to get it for you...

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cliff said...

That's fairly bleak re. the druggies, makes you think twice about turning up there with the camera gear. In fact when I was there on weds there was an unsavoury looking character lay down in the grass near that elm sappling & I wondered if he'd maybe spent the night there, he got up & left when he saw me.

No signs of any damsels on my little pond Dave :-(