Thursday, 14 July 2011

Out on the beach

The Safari has a quest for you guys out there in Blogland - what the h*ll is this??? Found near the low water mark by Wifey today, but only two - last week there were loads of them down there.
This was the first one found

These are the second one

This is the underside - we think its still alive but it didn't move/try to right itself or unfurl

Any ideas - we think it's some kind of Sea Slug. Size is about 2cm.
Another mystery object for you - CR might know what it is as he knows the whereabouts of an arboral version of the species.

We know what this one is, thankfully - a Sand Mason Worm case.
This is one of the species of Harbour Crabs. Again there was nowhere near as many as last week and today they were all dead.

While we pondered the mysteries of littoral life Frank played ball...and all was well...

Where to next? Best hit a few websites and libraries...

In the meantime let us know if you've seen anything like these mystery beasts in your outback.

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