Thursday, 11 August 2011

Down on the beach again

The Safari didn’t get too far on Patch 1 due to bad weather but far enough to see no Peregrines on the tower but could have been round far side due to the wind direction.
and there was nowt of note at the Great Crested Newt mitigation site, unless your a glutton for slugs.
Patch 2 before work gave us a rough sea on a rising tide but the wind was still from not quite the right direction. We soon connected with a Sandwich Tern and shortly after that came a Common Tern. In the middle distance an adult and juvenile Gannet travelled south together.
Whilst keeping an eye on those a gull swept through the field of view looking just a bit too interesting to ignore. A Fulmar! It was close and going south giving one of best views, if not the best, from the prom we’ve ever had – just beyond the surf, magic.
At lunchtime we got less just two Sandwich Terns, six Dunlins and about 75 Common Scoters bobbing about not too far away.
Then it was time to head up the road to the top ensd of town for a Marine Week event scouring the beach for goodies.
Whilst waiting for the folk to turn up three Ring Plovers and a Dunlin showed up just below our vantage point. Note the totally grotty light.

Some unusual stuff was found today which we didn't recognise including this shell of an unknown species full of holes made by something unknown, so if there are any marine biologists looking in...

This is another shell we haven't got a clue about. Quite a thick and chunky beast.

A nice mix of shells were found including a lot of old Oyster shells some could be about 100 years old especially the smaller ones that have almost worn away like the 'lip' shaped one in the middle.

Several Compass and one small Lion's Mane Jellyfish were found along with this strage blobby thing which we think is a species of Sponge.

A Hermit Crab crawled out of the Necklace Shell just before we tipped everything back in the drink.

Then we took some short vids of him

Where to next? No beach and no mitigation work tomorrow so just the patches.

In the meantime let us know what's hiding where in your outback.

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