Friday, 5 August 2011

National Whale & Dolphin Watch Day 1

The Safari noticed that the Peregrine was back on the tower late last night.
After days of flat calm seas it was inevitable that a westerly wind would stike up. It did and gave us a heavily chopped sea making it almost impossible to spot any Harbour Porpoises (one on the South-Side yesterday...grrr) that may be cruising around.
Ten Common Scoters were bobbing along close in and a couple of Cormorants flew by. Lots of blobs of 'intersting looking' ( for a second or two but no more) seaweed.

No cloud cover made looking at the glistening sea for lengthy periods quite hard, add to that a good bit of heat haze and basically we were up the proverbial creek.
A steady procession of nothing went by for most of the afternooon.

For the last hour the choppy seas subsided as the tide ebbed and bit of cloud cover made viewing a lot more comfortable and we soon found a distant Grey distant it was almost on the South-side.

Just before our four hours were up we watched a spectacular display of diving from a height by a Sandwich Tern.

Where to next? More NWDW tomorrow - will we get a cetacean or not at our town centre watch point?

In the meantime let us know what the lifting haze revealed in your outback

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