Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Not windy enough or too windy

The Safari copped for a Willow Warbler singing quietly on Patch 1 this morning and another, or a Chiffchaff, softly weeting away in the dense vegetation. No sign of any Peregrines at all.

we didn't last long at Patch 2, the tide was in and a very cold wnd was blowing. It was far too strong for any cetacean spotting but had died down considerably from last night's gale so no decent seabirds were evident.

The lunchtime National Whale and Dolphin Watch was equally useless, we dipped a Gannet which was easily the highlight of the hour...nuthin doin then!!! Then our beach group phoned to cancel so no away day to beaches away to the north :(

Still no Peregrines on the tower at tea-time when we were out that way for a kick about with a much improved and almost back to old self Frank.

Where to next? Hope we get something worthwhile tomorrow, we have another beach event ooop north in the afternoon.

In the meantime let us know if your outback let you down today.

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