Monday, 22 August 2011

G is for grey

The Safari didn’t see any Peregrines on the tower this morning and not a lot else on Patch 1 either.
Then Patch 2 didn’t really deliver despite excellent watching conditions; just a dozen or so Sandwich Terns bimbling back and forth out at sea and a handful of Common Scoters. Most unusual sighting of the morning was of a party of three Grey Wagtails going north overhead.
Continuing the ‘G’ theme the only sighting of note at lunchtime was a Grey Seal bottling 50 yards offshore unseen or at least un-noticed by the throngs of holiday makers on the beach.
Blistering sunshine today and it really felt like summer had last. But tomorrow is another day and the return of grey skies is a distinct possibility.
Great day for English cricket though...A whitewash sure ain't grey!
Where to next? Yet more patchy stuff
In the meantime let us know who’s on the winning streak in your outback

Some pics from the ‘sunny day’ folder aka stuff wedidn't use on Saturday...

The bee is atop the head of a giant plastic Blue Tit...nuff said

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