Monday, 1 August 2011

What a load of rubbish!

The Safari's Patch 1 visits are still being severely curtailed du to poorly Frank not being able to get that far, he is on the mend thankfully but he's still coughing and not up for much excercise. This morning we didn't get as far as the tower so don't know if the Peregrine was about or not.

This is what greeted us at Patch 2, nice grey sky and a flat calm sea - ideal viewing conditions...

But take a closer look...what a pile of crap...why can't the tossweeds us the bins, there's one only a few yards away. The amount of litter on the streets this morning was an absolute disgrace and our back garden at work looked as if a paper and bottle bomb had gone off...what is it about the great unwashed...bin it ot take it home - we don't want it!!!!!!!
On a lighter note a visiting group prevented us doing a Patch 2 safari at lunchtime but they did come armed and dangerous to ransack the pond.
Lots of these small snails which we might have been mis-identifying for the last 30+ years - twell us what they are someone...put us out of our misery.

A rather snazzy diving beetle was 'new in' or at least avoided capture by last week's group. Again name away if you know what it is.

Three damselfly nymphs were netted, two green and one brown but we'd hazard a guess that they are all Blue Tailed Damselflies as an adult was flitting around the reed stems.

Of note, and we don't know why we didn't get pics, were two male Sticklebacks in full breeding regalia - do they have two broods?

Where to next? On the beach with a gang tomorrow morning...anything could happen!
In the meantime let us know who can't seem to use the bins in your outback.

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Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Those ispotters have told us the beetle is Ilybius you already knew that.....and the snail is (at last) the Wandering Snail Radix balthica