Monday, 29 August 2011

Nuthin' doin' on a normal cold wet and windy Bank Holiday

The Safari saw that only one Peregrine was sheltering from the atrocious weather on the tower this morning. Four Blackbirds were up and about at the Golden Triangle but nothing else. With a big black cloud drawing ominously closer we cut the walk short at Magpie/Woodpigeon Wood and just got back to Base Camp before the next deluge started...where's Noah when you need him?
After lunch we had a soggy wander round patch 1 getting a pic of the Peregrine on the way and then having a look at the remains of a fungus we noticed a couple or three days ago - it's well past its best now but we think it is a species of Boletus due to the pores rather than it having gills - got a pic for later when we can download them off the camera.

Back at Base Camp the feeder played host to a Greenfinch and the Blue and Great Tits have found it again after a fairly long absence.
That was all we could muster for today.
Where to next? Still got a couple of days off and with the promise of better weather the mothy might put in an appearance.
In the meantime let us know what it's normally like on a holiday weekend in your outback.

Back later if owt interesting happens...don't hold yer breath


Warren Baker said...

Not too bad a day down here Dave, the weather's gonna improve for ya this week mate :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thursday & Friday, when I'm back at work, will probabaly be the best days of the week Warren.
But got 2 weeks hols after that - -whoopydoooo..



cliff said...

The weathers been rubbish hasn't it Dave. I had trips to the beach @ Fleetwood (to photo waders) rained off on Sat & Sun, although on both occasions by the time I drove back to Blackpool to dry off the sun was shining here & it hadn't even rained. Today the opposite happened, I left Blackpool in the rain but managed 90 mins in Fleetwood photographing a very confiding bunch of Sanderling, the light could've been better, but at least it didn't rain. I'm now wading through my wader photos.



cliff said...

BTW - I like the new header photo of the Dolphin & fishing boat.