Thursday, 10 May 2012

A draw torn from the jaws of victory!

The Safari wasn't able to follow the footy last night but it appears the after leading 2 - 0 'Pool gave a way two goals to hang on for an aggregate 3 -2 win over the two legs - now we want to go to Wembley, but sadly that's not going to be  possible as it clashes with something we can't get out of....something to do with someone's birthday...
This morning the weather was truly awful and we didn't go more than a few yards on Patch 1, R'ouzel Puddle had doubled in size but was still devoid of life and we didn't dare venture on to Patch 2. But thankfully the rain had stopped by the time our school group arrived and on to the beach we went.
All the usual suspects were've seen them all before so should be able to name them now...
This sizable Dab was found close to the shore.
 Also sizable was this large Green Shore Crab, one of the largest we've seen here

 This was one of the biggest Baltic Tellin's ( at least that's what we think it is)

One of the teachers tried to winkle out a Starfish but it was too well trapped in the rocks, fortunately three more were found, we think they are both Common Sand Stars.
Where to next? More beach tomorrow and hopefully the sun will be shining so our pics will be a bit better.
In the meantime let us know what wedged in a cleft in your outback.
Was thinking of entering this competition; you gonna too?


Captain Shagrat said...

Who made the cake it's great?

Amila Kanchana said...

Very interesting marine life, davo,thanks for giving us a glimpse!