Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Owt about?

The Safari wasn't able to go to either patch this morning, Frank has a flare up of arthritis in his elbow and  is really struggling poor thing so patch 1 was  a no-no, still haven't had a Swift for Patch 1 yet, over the garden yes but not actually when we've been 'on patch'.
Got to work a little too late to go out on Patch 2 which could have been a disaster as there seems to have been lots about
But this little beaut had landed on the desk while we've been off.

Now all we need is the time to read and inwardly digest it...bring em on...it'll probably see it's first serious action about 05.00 on Sunday morning at the first event of the North Blackpool Pond Trail Bioblitz...emptying the moth trap...See you there! The timetable for the day should be available anytime now so you can pick which you fancy, we're looking forward to learning a shed load from the worm expert!
A very heat haze infested Patch 2 at lunchtime gave us nothing of note, even the gulls on the beach were shrouded in shimmer so we'd have stood no chance with anything on the horizon.
Where to next? Hopefully we might be able to get out onto Patch 2 tomorrow morning before the sun creates too much shimmer.
In the meantime let us know what the bedtime reading is in your outback.

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Lucy said...

1,033 micro-moths. What a study!